Physical Wellbeing LIVE! Day

In the second of a series of LIVE! Days, we turn our attention to the critical elements which influence our physical health. Investing in understanding and improving our physical wellbeing is necessary, especially during times of stress when our diet, sleep and fitness are the first to take a hit. Join us for inspirational stories of championing personal transformations and expert-led sessions for practical tips to enhance your physical wellbeing.

16 July 2021

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10:00 - 10:45 HKT

Personal Transformations in The Workplace: The Role of Supportive Employers

Speaker: Mandeep Gill – Manager, Michael Page

Workplace health programmes, targeted at helping employees with weight loss

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or management, commonly focus on diet and exercise. They often miss out on the important factor of workplace culture. In this session, we hear an inspiring story of determination and discipline. Our speaker will share tips and insights from their journey, and highlight the supporting role their colleagues and workplace played in the drive towards making healthier life choices.

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12:00 - 12:45 HKT

Breathwork at Work: Using Physical Cues To Cope With Stress

Speaker: Astrid Merkt – Holistic Performance Psychologist and Breath Specialist

Do you hold your breath when your inbox dings with another email notification?

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Find it hard to use mindfulness techniques in high-stress moments when you need them the most? In this session, we look at how connecting with your breath can help you. A supercharged form of meditation, breathwork allows us to re-calibrate and elevate our internal state to match the constant demands of the external world. Science has shown that it is a powerful tool for self-regulation. Learning how to control your respiration has real measurable benefits on a person’s health and performance.

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14:00 - 14:45 HKT

Why Gut Health is Crucial to Holistic Wellbeing

Speaker: Maneka Grover – Certified Health Coach

The link between physical and emotional wellbeing is increasingly recognised and discussed.

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Our extended state of lockdown and restrictions over the last year, compounded with the existential crisis that COVID19 has posed to our way of life, our lack of movement and physical activity has seen a sharp rise in stress and anxiety. This gut-wrenching experience is, in fact, connected to our gut. In this session, we explore this further by focusing on understanding how our lifestyle, diet and immunity impacts the microbiome and learning ways in which we can maintain our gut health.

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16:00 - 16:45 HKT

Menstrual Health: We Can Talk About That At Work!

Speaker: Olivia Cotes James, CEO & Co-Founder Luuna Naturals

There is a hidden stigma when it comes to menstruation, especially in the workplace.

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Many consider speaking openly about this taboo and it remains unspoken about and unheard of. Although hidden, it impacts everybody in the workplace and we need to talk about this, period. This session aims to raise awareness of the impact of not talking about it on your employees and provide menstrual knowledge to those without the experience of menstruation.

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