2020 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week – Participating Employer Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in being a Participating Employer in 2020 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week. To confirm your participation, please complete the registration form below.

Please note, registration is free to registered subscribers to our Asia Employee Wellbeing Link. For all other organisations, there is an administration fee of just US $50.

Once you have registered, your organisation logo will be featured on the Community Business website alongside other leading employers who are committed to ensuring employee wellbeing.

To support your activities, we will also send you our Asia Employee Wellbeing Week Promo Kit. This comprises a number of marketing materials that you can customise with your logo to promote your participation – both internally and internally as well as some tips for how to plan your week.

Details of Key Contact


Plans for 2020 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week

To help us track the reach and impact of 2020 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions:



   General Employee Wellbeing
   Work-Life Harmony (also referred to as work-life balance and/or work-life integration)
   Physical Wellbeing
   Emotional Wellbeing
   Financial Wellbeing
   All of the above

   Communicate our commitment to employee wellbeing internally
   Encourage employees to attend an external event
   Run an event internally for employees
   Provide education and training for employees
   Review and/or introduce a new employee wellbeing policy
   Promote awareness about mental health
   Other (please detail)
   Not sure/still considering

  Community Business email or newsletter
  Community Business website
  Social Media
  Supporting Organisation or Service Provider
  Referral by another Participating Company
  Other (please detail)

Maximum 5MB file size. File extensions include PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF, and TXT.

  Don't know

Final step, please confirm and submit your consent, by checking the box below you agree to:

  1. Grant Community Business the right to use the logo provided by you in this form for promotional use related to the 2021 Asia Employee Wellbeing Week campaign, and you undertake that the logo is not or expected to be subject to any claims or disputes with other parties.
  2. Pay the US $100 Registration Fee.

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